Amazing Firsts

Hey all,

We’ve had an amazing set of firsts since our last post.

We’ve had our first American houseguest, Cornerstone Ames’ very own Troy Nesbitt! Nathan also got to be part of Cornerstone Shkodra’s first teachers’ meeting, and that night Nathan and Elena hosted one of the two connection groups the church has started.



The outreach project just finished last week, and over the course of the three weeks and follow up 20 students expressed trust in Christ – AMAZING! The team is doing follow up to make sure they understand and help them begin walking with Jesus. A lot of pressure can come early on, but we hope opportunities like connection groups and fellowship in the church provide support, encouragement, grace, and good doses of the Gospel to our new brothers and sisters.

Cornerstone Shkodra celebrated our two year anniversary with a guest message from Troy and a great meal. Troy talked about birthdays from John 3 – talking about our first physical birth but also our second birth in Jesus. It was a great birthday celebration!




That following Sunday we took around 40 students to Tirana to celebrate Cornerstone Tirana’s 20th anniversary with Troy and Brent Haverkamp – an elder at Cornerstone in Ames. It was a blast and an awesome opportunity for our students to catch a big vision for their lives, for the church, and for our city.




Last but not least, Elena and I have a new addition to our family – a new puppy named Iliria. She’s a rescue dog from a group here in Shkodra. When we got her she was quiet, scared, and had a bad case of worms. Now, a week and a half later she’s full of energy, and getting better every day. Puppy training brings a whole lot of work and stress to our lives, but in return we get a whole lot of love and cuddles. Its a trade off that is good for us right now.12308169_10208258085868031_1343348628470846605_o


Amazing Firsts

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