Guests, Travels, and Projects

Hello all!
Sorry for the blog silence. As you’ll see from the pictures from exotic locations, we’ve been busy.

Needless to say, that’s no excuse for not updating you lovely people on our goings on.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so we’ll fill you in with pictures where we can.



We got our first visitors of the year: Elena’s parents Ron and Diane Noll!

It was a blast to have them see what our life is like in Albania, and to get a chance to travel to Italy with them, hitting up Rome and Florence in a few whirlwind days. Then it was back to Albania for a quick trip to the mountain town of Krujë for an old castle and some great views.

Honestly, the trip to Italy was amazing. We got to see some real treasures, including some works of art Nathan had been wanting to see for years. We loved the cities, the quiet corners, old book shops, and beautiful cafes. We definitely want to go back some day.




We were blessed by Cornerstone with an amazing trip to Turkey and Greece with Cornerstone School of Theology and some great friends from back home.

Nathan got to hang out with his good friend Jordan (Smalls) Adams, who was totally not a third wheel at all.

We got to visit the sites of the seven churches of Revelation and track the apostle Paul’s second missionary journey through Greece.

It was an absolute blast getting to stand in cities like Ephesus, Philippi, and Corinth, soaking those places in and relishing in their history. We also saw other amazing pieces of history, like Philip II of Macedonia’s burial mound and the burial place of the 300 Spartans at Thermopoli. Not to mention some beautiful Turkish textiles and stunning Greek coastline.




We left the trip exhausted from the relentless pace, but so refreshed in our hearts. We got to get to know some great people on the trip, and spent some weird nights out and about in some cool cities (big holla to Istanbul and Kavala and some friends from Ames and Cedar Falls).

April finds us having just finished an outreach project, and ready to do follow up. You can pray for us to have boldness and for students to be ready with open hearts to hear what God would like to speak to them.


We are pursing language learning hard and have just reached a fun new level of conversation. We got a little overexcited and went to a local play performed all in old Albanian, which was a fun experience although we could barely track the plot line. Whoops! Good thing we went with our language teacher. Also notice how few people are in the theater 5 minutes before the show begins. 🙂


Life is settling down for us for a few months before it picks back up with a quick summer pace. We’re anxiously awaiting summer guests – our Salt Company summer teams, Laura Benson, and David + Steffi Livingston. So pumped.

Please be thinking of us, and praying that we can stay balanced in life and focused on the important things. Some days are a breeze and some days are tough, but we’re learning and growing through all of it.

Until next time.

Guests, Travels, and Projects

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