Questions and Answers Pt. 2

  1. No, we have not traveled to any new countries since we last wrote.
  2. No, this plate is not for more than one person.20160426_145337
  3. Yes, we can understand  decent amount of Albanian conversations now.
  4. Yes, we still have lots of moments where we completely blank.
  5. No, this looks like a button but is not. Yes, I would love it if it actually worked.20160408_203947
  6. Yes, we have two summer teams of Salt Company students coming to us soon!
  7. Yes, this photo was taken in a restaurant in March.20160326_210623
  8. Yes, we now frequently play the games “that’s not a parking spot” and “you’re driving the wrong direction” while we drive.
  9. Yes, we have identified all the locations around our neighborhood where packs of wild dogs like to sleep. (can you find all the dogs in the second photo?)
  10. No, we have not found a good/free/safe place to take our dog in the city.
  11. Yes, we have begun to drive outside the city once a week to take a walk up a mountain so our puppy can run and we can breathe.
  12. Yes, it does take 3 extra people to watch 1 person fix something20160414_093903
  13. Yes, we almost had our water turned off because our owner didn’t have a water contract.
  14. No, we have not seen a better way to transport mattresses.20160402_101706
  15. No, we have no idea when the random holidays are here and have frequently discovered that it is a holiday when we see the kids out of school early or stumble onto an event.
  16. Yes, this is our neighborhood. Yes, we live in the middle of the city.20160412_095406
  17. Yes, Nathan has started running again!
  18. No, I didn’t know what to do with myself at the women’s conference during game time. Some games included “cut and peel food as fast as possible” and “get your hair, nails, eyebrows, and every other cosmetic issue you have fixed for fun.”

19. Yes, our puppy is learning and growing a lot but is still a brat.

20. Yes, there are hidden corners of simple beauty that we are enjoying. 20160413_191122

Questions and Answers Pt. 2

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